Why choose us?

Thank you for stopping by Texas Concealment Systems, LLC, makers of Custom Kydex Holsters and conceal carry holsters.

We are a proud Texas based small business born of necessity.  Our background is over 20 years in law enforcement and we have spent thousands of dollars on holsters that didn't fit like we wished or didn't perform the way we needed them to, we finally had enough.  We decided that we could make custom kydex holsters and we started Texas Concealment Systems, LLC.

Our holsters are proudly worn by law enforcement from the following agencies:

  • Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office
  • Grimes County Sheriff's Office
  • Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
  • Harris County Sheriff's Office
  • Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office SWAT Team
  • Grimes County Sheriff's Office SWAT Team
  • Montgomery County Sheriff's Office SWAT Team
  • Harris County Sheriff's Office SWAT Team
  • US Marshalls
  • Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force
  • DEA
  • DEA High Risk Entry Team
  • Texas Rangers
  • NASA Emergency Response Team
  • Tier One Operators around the world

Our Custom Kydex holsters are all hand made, each to order here in Texas.  Each concealed gun holster goes through a rigorous quality test-in law enforcement and the military, our lives are dependent on our weapons and we strive to insure the holsters are the best quality.  Also, our Kydex holsters are not limited to use by military and law enforcement - Kydex holsters can be used by CHL holders  for concealed carry or open carry-they're a versatile and secure way to carry handguns.

No type of gun holster on the market offers a more concealed carry option than those made by Texas Concealment Systems, LLC.

**Please contact us if you do not see an option for your specific pistol. We are able to make custom fitted holsters for your specific setup.